Bedload Research International Cooperative

Bedload research has lagged behind suspended load research due in part to the highly complex processes involved which are characterized by large spatial and temporal variability.  Although some progress has been made in terms of the development of instruments and measuring techniques for monitoring bedload transport, the progress is slow and many longstanding problems associated with bedload measurement and prediction still persist. In general, bedload research is usually underfunded and there is often a lack of adequate local and institutional scientific support. Hence, although some data exists, they are fragmented with limited access. The Bedload Research International Cooperative (BRIC) was therefore formed recently to facilitate progress in bedload research by providing an international focal point where scientists and engineers engaged in bedload research could better communicate and collaborate on issues related to methods development, instrumentation and data sharing. It is envisioned that information compiled and disseminated through BRIC will fill critical gaps in our knowledge of bedload processes and measuring techniques.

Members of the Bedload Research International Cooperative

Members of the Bedload Research International Cooperative. (Source: